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Inspired by Morocco, Made in L.A.

More than just a drink, Moroccan mint tea is synonymous with friendship and hospitality. Always with a big smile, Moroccan families have the tradition of offering you fresh brewed tea to welcome you.


Born and raised in the Kingdom of Morocco, I always wanted to show the world all the wonderful treasures it has to offer.

ATAY (which means "Tea" in Moroccan dialect) finds its origins in this cultural tradition. The idea of creating ATAY came to me when I was pursuing my undergraduate studies. I wanted to offer an RTD iced tea product line inspired by our heritage that also appeals to the
modern consumer.

ATAY brewed iced teas are organic, low calorie, and made with the finest ingredients. Our unique recipes contain green tea, which has a variety of great health benefits.

A symbol of warm-hearted people, ATAY is the Original Taste of Morocco.

Ismail Khayatey - Founder